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Employment Resources

This initiative has been created to address individual needs as relates to employment opportunity.  Our goal is to help one sharpen skills in resume and cover letter writing, networking, job search, and interviewing preparation  -  setting one up for maximum success in the job market. This initiative will provide for mock interviewing, personal strategy and professional coaching


Mock Interviewing:  Mock interviews will be conducted to provide a low-risk environment for practicing one’s interviewing techniques – before  interviewing in a real setting.  In addition, the one being interviewed will receive personalized feedback from the interviewing team.


Personal  Strategy:  The personal strategy plan will be similar to a corporate strategic plan in the sense that the goal is to drive performance with a set of specific and measurable objectives.  The participant will have a chance to develop and fine tune their personal strategy as their career goals come into focus.


Professional Coaching:  Professional coaches will are invited to come in and meet one-on-one with participants to debrief the assessments and work to create specific and measurable goals.