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Chapel Child Daycare Learning Center

O’Neal Edwards, Jr.

Our Mission:  We are committed to providing quality and affordable early childhood care and educational opportunities that benefit the child, the parent, the staff and the community.

Our Philosophy:  We believe that all children can learn and that learning should be fun! 

Rose Davis

Goals, Team Building and Time management are important factors that must be considered in “Caring For Children”.

Our Goals:  To create a quality Caregiver/Team (a team being a group of people who work together toward a common vision).  

Team Building Workshop – Teamwork – ability to bring together individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. Individual accomplishments: talents, gifts creativity, leadership, artistry, intelligence, etc.

Organization objectives: well run classroom, safe, healthy environments and solid reputation in the community. Teamwork allows common people to achieve uncommon results. Each team member has a “position” (job description) on the team. Each member responsibility is to full fill his/her best ability the position that is assigned to the team. Positions are assigned according to individual strengths, weaknesses, talents, capabilities and education and experience levels.

Working  with children take a lot of energy. You have to be flexible, be able to think on your toes,  get down and interact with the children and above all, you must be able to control and maintain order in the classroom.  Loving children is certainly motivation to evaluate a career option in childcare. You should also have a sincere interest in contributing to the growth and development of children and supporting families. A career in childcare may never yield great financial rewards, but the knowledge that you made a difference in the life of children and their families is priceless. 

Time Management:  Many time it is not that we need more time to do our work, it is that we need to use the time that we have more effectively. The children are down for at least two(2) hours every . one (1) hour break.  The other minutes should be spent doing “constructive, meaningful” activities which include planning activities, making sure the children have homework, cleaning toys, straightening up shelves, etc.  it is not the time for visiting with co-workers, reading magazines, newspapers, etc. (non-relate to childcare).  These things should not be done on Clock Time.  When we arrive at the job site, we should enter the building “focused on going straight to our designated classroom and not stop to visit if it is going to disrupt our co-workers from focusing on the children.  The children are our FIRST PRIORITY, also, when we observe one of our team member trying to quiet or calm down a child, we should “fall in line”, or help with what the teacher is trying to accomplish.  Team players never stand back and allow one person to take on the full load.  We must all have the same goal in mind,  “giving our best to the children in our care”.  We should never sit back and watch someone else handle a difficult situation alone.  There is adequate time each day to do what is needed to be done if we use our time wisely.

6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Ages 0 - 5 years old.




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